Watch what you buy at the grocery store

Here I have actually changed some of my eating habits to find more food that is not packaged in plastic.  It is actually hard to do and so I am not perfect with it. But with greater awareness perhaps we can change that pattern in our world.  Below is the corn I bought at Stop and Shop.  Unfortunately some people who were also buying it put it in the conveniently placed plastic bags. I wish they would stop that.  The next photo is one of the corn laid out already shucked and wrapped in plastic.  I refuse to buy it like that. bag it 2TBag it 1Grocery 1

This photo above is one of my shopping carts before the farmers markets opened.  I had to buy my organic carrots in a plastic bag (deep sigh!).  The farmer’s markets do have carrots with the benefit of plastic bagging. I always carry those smaller mesh bags that I have my oranges in (or at least some of them).  I use them for things like green beans and peas and other smaller produce that needs a bag – but not a plastic one!  And the juice – eeks – also plastic.  I try to get it in glass when I can.  (You may notice my love of chocolate – no comment on that please).   Below is the garbage I picked up in the space of a few minutes on a remote beach in Ecuador in March.  Notice the bottle caps, the fork, other odd pieces of plastic.  It reminds me how far and wide our plastic pollution is and how important it is to stop its use.

Ecuador Beach